Makers Media Group Launch

Naming this company wasn’t easy. I needed a name that was broad enough to encompass all the things that I love working on from writing songs to integrating social listening platforms with CRMs.

I was inspired by the the American Field Pop-Up Market that I attend last fall in Boston and the growing number of people who are returning to hand craftsmanship and the arts. I was proud to say that I was an American that day–to see all the fine goods and services that were being created here; and I met some good people who were becoming entrepreneurs. As a lifelong maker it was nice to find others with the same enthusiasm and interests.

Today, I am launching Makers Media Group and look forward to working with my talented colleagues and all you makers out there.

Jen Grygiel
Founder and CEO, Makers Media Group LLC
@jmgrygiel | @grygiel

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