What Does it Mean to be a Maker?

For those who are new to the idea–“makers” are people who like to get their hands dirty, they are inventive and resourceful problem solvers. They are more producer than consumer–a person who wants to bring things to life.

Here’s a great post in Time that talks about the different types of makers. I fall somewhere in between techie and non-techie.

Makers Media Group Launch

Naming this company wasn’t easy. I needed a name that was broad enough to encompass all the things that I love working on from writing songs to integrating social listening platforms with CRMs.

I was inspired by the the American Field Pop-Up Market that I attend last fall in Boston and the growing number of people who are returning to hand craftsmanship and the arts. I was proud to say that I was an American that day–to see all the fine goods and services that were being created here; and I met some good people who were becoming entrepreneurs. As a lifelong maker it was nice to find others with the same enthusiasm and interests.

Today, I am launching Makers Media Group and look forward to working with my talented colleagues and all you makers out there.

Jen Grygiel
Founder and CEO, Makers Media Group LLC
@jmgrygiel | @grygiel